Simunye Marine Tariffs 



Charge per hour (Note that prices are per hour)                                                                                        = $600 per hour

(This is relating to crew,surveyors and cargo only)


Emergency OPL                                                                                                                                                   =$200 per hour

Transfer of Security Personnel, Minimum of 2 Hours                                                                                =$600 per hour


Loading/Offloading alongside Quay and when vessel                                                                               =$300 per hour

required to stand bye, This time will be charged at 50% of agreed hourly rate



Crane Hire


Wherever possible Simunye Crane will be utilized for loading and offloading of launch at no charge, however should alternative

crane hire be required, the costs thereof will be for the clients account and simunye will not be responsible for the crane hires costs.


Exchange Rate


US $ (FNB SELLING RATE) to RSA Rand applicable on day of service


All business undertaken will be subject to our standard trading conditions. these above services attract VAT and must be added to the above rates.